Countdown to Spring Training – 22 Days. Perfect Imperfection

scan0006Wow, where to start. Pitched for 20 years all with the Baltimore Orioles…. Hall of Fame (1990), 3 time Cy Young award winner, 6 time All Star, 3 time World Series Champion, 4 time Gold Glove award winner…. And he does color commentary for the Orioles! I could go on and on about Palmer. He won 268 games during his career, but the most amazing statistic I found was that over 3,948 regular season innings pitched, and another 124 in league championships and World Series, he never gave up a grand slam home run. Nor did he ever give up back to back home runs. In 1966 he became the youngest pitcher ever to record a shutout in a World Series game, and is the only pitcher to win a World Series game in three separate decades.

Besides having a long career in baseball, Palmer had a long career in advertising. He “pitched” Jockey underwear for 20 years!

This card is from my personal collection, and is from the 1976 season. It’s also a prime example of what professional collectors would not pay top dollar for. You will notice the card is not centered, and is cut off at the top. No, this is NOT user error with the scanner! Rather, it’s a very imperfect card, and would not sell well in the secondary market. But growing up, none of us cared about “Wow, I wonder what I’ll be able to sell this for later on.” To me, my Jim Palmer card was one of the best cards I had, and wouldn’t have traded it or sold it for the world. I guess that’s why I still have it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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