George Mason University at 2019 EWL Champs – Round 2

Note: to see the first round of photos I posted, click here.

Last night was the second year in a row that I watched the NCAA championships on tv. What an incredible event. I was following the tournament primarily on Twitter for the first couple of days. I was at a conference and couldn’t very well sit through presentations while streaming ESPN. But I was able to track the progress of the GMU athletes. It’s funny that this marks the end of my second season following college wrestling because the following popped up yesterday on my Facebook page:
Yep, six years ago I attended a WWE event at Eagle Bank Arena, on the campus of George Mason. Who would have thunk six years later I’d be watching NCAA wrestling and posting photos of the Patriots?!?

This post is mostly just more photos of GMU at the EWL champsionships on March 9th. I still have a couple more rounds to go, so bear with me. It’s a good thing “film” is cheap! Enjoy!


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